My recipe for guinea eggs - "Guinea Toast"


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Do you guys eat your guineas' eggs? We are crazy about them! Our chickens don't free range (unless they are supervised) so their eggs aren't very rich tasting. The guineas, however, do free range, so their eggs are ahhhhmazing!

The eggs are so rich and buttery that we've been eating them up like crazy. Here's my favorite way to eat them -

Guinea Toast
Serves 1

Butter for cooking eggs
Couple splashes of water or milk
3 guinea eggs
1 piece of bread, toasted
Cream cheese or goat cheese
1 scallion chopped (chives would work really well too)

Heat a non-stick skillet over medium low heat. While the skillet is heating up, break the eggs into a small bowl. Add milk, lots of salt & pepper, then scramble the eggs with a fork until the yolks are completely broken up. Put butter in the skillet (about 1T) and wait til it melts and starts to bubble up, but don't let it get brown. Pour in the eggs and don't mess with them! (I have found that instead of traditionally scrambling the eggs into small bits, it works best if I keep it in one big circle then cut to fit my bread. It's a lot easier to eat and looks better on the plate.) Let the eggs cook about 2-3 minutes until they are set. Then using a spatula, flip over on the other side for just 30 seconds or so to finish cooking completely. Fold or cut the eggs to fit your toast. Spread cream cheese on the toast, then add the eggs and scallions.

I wrote a blog post about guinea toast if you want to check it out:

I also love to bake with my guinea eggs. Brownies turn out great because the eggs are mostly yolk. I just use 2 guinea eggs per 1 chicken egg called for in the recipe.

What are your favorite ways to eat guinea eggs?
OMG that sounds yummie

My fav is deviled eggs... when I can get the dang eggs to peel nicely and not end up with something that resembles a hard boiled egg pinata, lol

can you tell a different in taste between chicken and guinea eggs? if they both were free range, is there a difference? =)
I use them for pickled eggs and beets. The sizes are close beet size and the combination of the deep purple of the beets and juice and the guinea egg yolk is beautiful.

PeepsCA: I have only made deviled eggs once. Do you have a recipe that you would recommend? Your picture looks great.

tamtam84: We are having family stay with us this weekend and I plan to make your Guinea Toast for breakfast. Thanks for the great idea.
PeepsCA - Those deviled eggs look great! I've never boiled guinea eggs, but I bet they are hard to peel. I know they are hard to crack!

ChickenRMe - I think the only reason why my guinea eggs taste so good is because they free range. What makes the yolk such a bright orange color and taste so good is all the grass and bugs that the guineas eat. I do give them a little chicken food at night, but most of their diet is from foraging. I don't know for sure, but I would think there's not much of a taste difference between free range chicken eggs and free range guinea eggs. Grass in the diet is key for rich tasting eggs! My chicken eggs don't compare to my guinea eggs because the chickens are in a pen and have ruined all the grass in there!

mkcolls - I bet they look great pickled with beets! So glad you're trying out the guinea toast; I'm very flattered! Let me know how it goes over! :)
gotcha =) If heard some people say Duck eggs have a little different taste then chicken eggs, even if there raised the same. wasnt sure about guins
I just did some deviled eggs, and put some a small piece of our home pickled peppers on top of each one! thanks for postin this picture and making me do deviled eggs
I use them for pickled eggs and beets. The sizes are close beet size and the combination of the deep purple of the beets and juice and the guinea egg yolk is beautiful.

PeepsCA: I have only made deviled eggs once. Do you have a recipe that you would recommend? Your picture looks great.
I've thought about pickling them, just haven't tried that yet... I bet the colored eggs look really pretty! I didn't plant any beets this year, so maybe next year I'll plan ahead for doing this.

As far as my deviled egg recipe goes... I guess I basically use a traditional recipe, but I just wing it usually... depending on how many hard boiled eggs I can manage to successfully peel and use sort of decides how much of each ingredient to put in. But say for 2 dozen eggs I halve all the eggs, put the yolks in a mixing bowl, crush/mash them well with a fork first then add about 1/2-2/3 cup of mayo, 3 or so tablespoons of regular old yellow mustard (more mustard gives em more zing, and you can use less if you are not a mustard fan), about a 1/2 tsp garlic powder, 1/2 tsp onion powder (and you can also add salt too, but I never do)... then I mix the heck out of all that with my mixer until it resembles smooth creamy cake frosting, take a taste test of it to make sure it doesn't need more of something, then into the cake decorating tool it goes and I pipe some into each egg, then top with a sprinkle of paprika. I've also used chili powder to top them with's just as good, and gives them a little different flavor, but barely. I've also topped them with crumbled bacon too, and that's extra yummie. The creamier you make the yolk mixture, the easier it is to pipe into the eggs tho... and be sure to use the biggest tip you can, sometimes there's chunks of yolk that can clog the tip and you will end up with deviled egg filling all over the kitchen if you try to force it thru, lol (don't ask how many times I've wiped my cabinets down
). Oh and the left over filling is really GOOD on a toasted bagel too!
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for 6 eggs, (12 halves). I do 1 tea-spoon mustard. 2-3 table-spoons of mayo. Garlic Salt or Powder, Onion Salt, Celery Salt, Pepper. (Optional: small piece of pickled pepper on top of each one)

(P.S.- If you like them a little sweet, Iv added about half a tea-spoon of honey mustard, just a quick squirt) turned out great
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I have a very small 1 egg iron skillet from the kitchen specialty store. We just love egg Breakfast sandwiches. A little olive oil spray on the skillet to keep it from sticking, the scramble , and let sit. Flip for 30 sec or so. and put on a Bagel, croissant or flat bread with cheese and bacon or sausage! YUMMY!
( sauted onion bits mixed in is also awesome)
I like over easy eggs and the yolks are amazing! Lots of yolk.

Tonight I made meatlaof with 2 guinea eggs and the taste is unbelievable richer for sure!

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