My recycled pallet coop


6 Years
Mar 27, 2013
Central Virginia
Welp, I have finished the coop. Actually finished a few weeks ago, but finally got around to taking some photos of the complete build.
I work at a cabinet shop as a carpenter, so I am pretty handy with things like this. I also have access to leftover material from old jobs, installs, orders, and have access to plenty of shipping pallets.
Pallets can be made of really good oak! I used 12 foot pallets for the framing material, and Netherlands top slats of those pallets for the floor of the coop. I used the slats of standard 4' x 4' pallets to create the "shake siding" look. I cut them at ten inches or so and had a stack of them, and just naild them to the side. It's probably the easiest way to waterproof a structure like this when you don't have sheets of proper building material.

I made beds around of the coop to try to dress it up some. My wife has planted lots and lots of flowers and grape tomatoes, but they are still tiny little sprouts.

The inside of the coop shows the roosts, the nests, and the waterer (made from a 5 gallon bucket and water jug) and feeder (made from PVC pipe).

And these are the future residents!


Total, I spent less than $100 on the build. All I needed to buy was the locking hardware and fencing. Everything else was reclaimed from my shop or laying around the garage.
Please let me know if you guys see anything that might need some attention or improvement. This is my first coop, so would love some pointers.
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