my results of adding light


10 Years
Feb 28, 2009
Southern Illinois
After 2 weeks of one or two eggs all week I broke down and put the quail inside and added one light. I plug it in around 6-7 in the morning and it is unplugged around 9-10 at night. Yesterday we collected 5 eggs. A lot better then one a week!!

On the shopping list is a timer for the light but it is nice to be up and outside for a check in the morning dark.
My timer kicks the light on in the morning fo a short time & back on in the evening for a few hours also. Congrats on the increased eggs.
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Yep, those lights really help! As I posted in another thread, my quail were slowing down to 15 -18 eggs per day. Lights have been on for a couple weeks now, and yesterday I got 39 eggs. Big difference! I keep mine on a timer set for 4 am, natural light through the day, then off at 7 pm.
I have my quail cage on my patio, about 10-15 feet from my porch light. I just got them Sunday and they're only 5 wks old, so not laying yet. Is this enough light for them? It's not super bright, but I can look out my window and see them perfectly well.
Do you think rope lighting would work... I have some white and it would be easy to wrap that around all the cages and would take the elements well.


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