my rhode island red is missing


Apr 9, 2017
my rhode island red..ruby was in the yard yesterday hanging out , she stays pretty close to the house, i left for work, left a message for my boyfriend that she was out, so he could put her away before he left, he didnt check phone message on home phone was gone for about 5 hours came home and shes missing, by the fence there are some feathers, not alot....but then he saw a fox in the neighbors yard...i went out this am calling her, didnt see her body anywhere, another time she hid for a day and night then showed up, it was amazing, i hope that is what happens...feeling so sick to my stomach and kicking myself for me not putting her in the garden fence before i left instead of thinking he would do it, she is the 3rd chicken ive lost since march, they were all 3yrs old......just feeling sick and guilty...we have 3 4 month olds they are cute and sweet but i feel like its never the same as with your first ones.....after these i dont think i want chickens anymore, its too upsetting when something happens to them and so hard to keep them safe....i kept trying to tell myself last night so i could rest my mine a little, that something could have gotten her even if i was here but in the house, just so , so sad


Apr 21, 2017
I'm so sorry for your loss. It was probably a fox. Try not to feel guilty, things like this have happened to me many times, but it happens! Hopefully you might find her again!

B Redhawk

May 24, 2017
By the feathers and no body it could be either a fox got her or a bird of prey. I've seen hawks snatch up a bird with only a poof of feathers as evidence.

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