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    Oct 17, 2014
    I have 3 hens and a Roaster. 19 weeks old. The Roaster picks on one of my hens and is making red marks on her face. I herd you put them in a cage and separate the mean one from the others. My question is, for how long do I keep him in the dog kennel that's in the coop?. I feel so bad cause I raised him from a week old chick. But I really did not want a Roaster but just turned out that he ended up being a male. All of you were right when I wasn't sure if he was male or not. You all said he was and sure enough you all were right. He's a beautiful speckled Sussex.
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    Sometimes roosters are too aggressive and can harm or kill a hen by overbreeding her. Generally you need 10 hens per rooster to keep him busy. If he just attacks that one hen and only in the face, I don't think he can be stopped from that - unless you rehome him. He just sounds plum mean. I'm sure other responders will give you their take on the situation. If you don't intend to hatch chicks, or sell fertile eggs, there really is no reason to have a rooster. The hens will likely be less stressed and continue to produce non-fertile eggs.
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    Welcome to BYC!!! There are loads of members on here…so if you have ANY questions…just ASK!!!

    Hope you have loads of fun and all your answers answered here on BYC the BEST CHICKEN KEEPING FORUM on EARTH!!

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    Welcome to BYC! Please make yourself at home and we are here to help.

    X2 on drumstick diva's advice. Sometimes roosters just need to be done away with. That's very odd that he is aggressive being a speckled sussex. They are very common for their friendliness! Proves all chickens are different!
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    [​IMG] I'm glad you joined us!

    X3 on drumstick diva's advice. Good luck with your flock!
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    Welcome to BYC! [​IMG]

    You've received some good advice already from Drumstick Diva. I suggest either getting more hens, or getting rid of the rooster.
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    Welcome to BYC!
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    Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC!
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    I found my Roost a great home. Now my hens will be less stressed and get ready for there egg laying. Thanks to everyone for the great information on my Rooster. This sight is so helpful

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