My roo is "in the mood"?


9 Years
Jun 6, 2010
Coleman, Wi
Hank is only 2 months old. He's the dominant roo. He acts like he's ready to do the "deed" He grabs the hens (who are also 2 months) by the neck. I didn't see it but the wife said it looks like he's starting to get busy. Is it possible or is he just pretending?
Yes he is preparing himself for roosterdom!
I have three 3 month old cockerels right now driving the adult hens crazy with the same thing.

My problem is where to hang the signs on the hens. Either I'm going to have to hang little signs from my hens that say "front" and "back" or someone is going to have to explain to these testosterone crazed little idiots that they've got the wrong end!

My 3 month old roo has been doing a wing dance at me. Yeah... I don't know if he wants to challenge me or he thinks I'm a pretty new friend he just realized existed. He does wing dances for his ladies and then pecks them on top of the head. I'm not sure what he thinks this is going to accomplish. I'm sure he'd do the same thing to me if he could reach.
Yep...spring is in the air. Just watched my 13 week old silkie cockerel (paid for sexed pullets
) do the drop wing dance and circle up both my red pullets. That's as far as it went for now. He's much smoother than my 12 week old d'uccle cockerel, who has only resorted to grabbing and pecking the pullets' necks/head. Kind of like a little boy socking the girl he likes.
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My almost 4 month old Phoenix roo jumped in and took on a 4' gopher snake to protect his girlfriends, and some ladies that aren't even his!! Fortunately I was close by and heard the commotion before anyone could get hurt, but he was jumping and pecking, and everyone else was screaming and running!

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