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My roo may not be so bad after all

Discussion in 'Pictures & Stories of My Chickens' started by Ravishaw, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. Ravishaw

    Ravishaw Songster

    May 7, 2010
    I've called him names, and even hit him in the head with a 2x4 when he was in my neighbor's yard...

    But yesterday he made me proud. His favorite hen is limping just a little. She's an older BR (older than mine), lays every 2 days or so, and generally tries to be top hen.

    Well yesterday I didn't have any pasta to throw out the door in the morning so I grabbed an old hot dog bun and shredded IT to throw out the door. He zoomed in on a big piece and carried it over to his favorite hen and held it in his beak while she ripped off a big chunk to eat it.

    It didn't leave a lot for him to eat but I thought it was nice...

    Now if I can get him to stop bullying my younger hens around we'll be in good shape.

    On an unralted theme...
    Does anyone else's easter eggers walk around growling 24/7? Mine do, and it's very endearing... eating, drinking w/e.

  2. Pet Duck Boy

    Pet Duck Boy Songster

    Dec 12, 2009
    Orlando, FL
    Sometimes I want a rooster, it'd be neat if I could see those kinds of behaviors in my flock. Also, my girls actually do more growling than buk buk buking, and the EEs do it the most.
  3. cafarmgirl

    cafarmgirl Crowing

    Sigh... every time I start to think my rooster isn't so bad after all that's the time he'll choose to try to ambush me. Just spent several minutes last evening chasing his butt around the pasture for coming at me. Now he'll be ok for a couple weeks. [​IMG] But he watches over the hens and generally treats them well so I guess I'll deal.
  4. geeze guys, if you would just treat them with 'tons of luvn', huggin, playing kissy pie with them, cuddle them, put them on the steering wheel of your lawnmower while you are cutting grass, give them Bud Light once in awhile, let them cuddle with the cat and just be an all around good mommy to them, I am SURE they will respond with luvin back right????????

    (mine luv's me to death, but chases my husband.[​IMG])

  5. cafarmgirl

    cafarmgirl Crowing

    Beautiful roo fishnet, I'm sure it's the Bud Light that makes him so mellow!
  6. Ravishaw

    Ravishaw Songster

    May 7, 2010
    can't get near my roo... I don't want him to think it's ok to attack humans because if I see him go after my kids one time he's chicken stew.
  7. thanks farmgirl! and he's on 5 months old.

    Hey, just send me your nasty roo's. The dont call me the 'chicken whisperer for nothing ya know......

  8. fiberart57

    fiberart57 Songster

    May 31, 2009
    My EE walks around chuckling all the time. She's pretty quiet but she's continuous.

  9. Ravishaw

    Ravishaw Songster

    May 7, 2010
    yesterday I went out to check for eggs and found the little white leghorn setting on the heap of eggs. Well, not wanting her to become broody I went to reach for the eggs. To my surprise she stood up, like "Here get these things outta here... I find them uncomfortable. I picked up 3 eggs. Looks like she's become the prolific layer, and the older BR has been helping...

    Still it never crossed my mind... she didn't mind me taking the eggs, yet she was setting on them... Until I had already put the eggs in my hand and gone to pick up the feeder from its side (dumb hens), when POP! There was another egg. The white leghorn was standing there looking at me, and I just had to gently pat her back and give her a grape. Good little layer!

    She didn't bother singing the egg song. But when she does, the rooser will answer from across the yard.
  10. pnuts

    pnuts Songster

    May 11, 2010
    my rooster is a silkie, hes really nice and a perfect gentleman. i wouldnt be so friendly either if someone hit me in the head with a 2x4..

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