My rooster is always attacking me!!!


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May 16, 2020
Hey guys! I currently have 9 chickens, 7 hens and 2 roosters but the main rooster won’t stop attacking me when I go outside with them. I feed them every morning and give them treats and fresh fruit a couple times a week and I’m outside most of the time! But I’ll be giving them fruit or going to go get our eggs and he just comes as fast as he can to come and get me! Now he’s not consistent though he’ll do it some times but not all the times but it’s so random and today he really scared me to the point where I couldn’t even move for 5 minutes because I was so scared of him and he was just in front of me not letting me take a step. idk what to do about it! Please help!


Jun 11, 2020
SF Bay Area
A human aggressive rooster is not likely to change. You'll have to make your own choice, but in my opinion such a rooster is only fit for soup. Roosters can do real damage with their spurs, and if you have children around, they are a real danger.
Agreed. A change of location might bring a change of attitude, but more likely he’ll resume his wicked ways eventually even if rehomed.


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Jun 15, 2016
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Yeah, I'm in the "get rid of him" camp as well. It's your back yard. If you don't want to "soup" him yourself, there are plenty of folks who'll purchase him for a nominal fee and take care of it for you.
There are so many nice roosters that it's a bummer to waste time on the mean ones.


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Apr 13, 2020
A backwoods coop in NH
If he’s a bantam rooster you could try grabbing him up and holding onto him a little bit each day to teach him manners. (I only suggest doing it with a bantam because they’re easier to hold onto) but keep him away from your face..I speak from experience... but if not the stew pot is a very viable option. Best of Luck :)

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