My rooster is hoarse

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    Jun 11, 2011
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    I noticed yesterday that my rooster was hoarse. I am sure the neighbours are thrilled, but I am more then worried. I got him from a family member about 3 weeks ago. He looks to be a Brahma. He was treated poorly and was at the bottom of the pecking order, as he was the 3rd rooster in a small flock. I took pity on him, and brought him home with 2 white Leghorn hens. Everything was find. His waddle is a brighter red now, he is active with his ladies, and he eats and drinks well. His droppings look normal, and I can not hear and unusual breathing sounds. He does seem to swallow a lot. He is a very timid bird, so I have not been able to hold him. I could just force it on him, but I have been trying to build up trust with him. As he only crows a few times in the morning, I want to keep him badly. I know my chances of finding a rooster that does not crow throughout the day are slim.
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    You could try giving him a round of antibiotics. It is possible he has some sort of infection going on since he was treated so poorly. It probably wouldn't hurt to worm him also after the run of antibiotics. [​IMG]

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