My Rooster might be a little on the submissive side....


6 Years
Jul 6, 2013
Upper Michigan
I got a Rooster 2 weeks ago. The girls were a little hard on him. There are 6 hens in the coop (actually 8 but 2 are separated with chicks and eggs right now). They chased him a little at first and he ran and hid his head. They seem to have settled down and 3 of the hens were laying fertile eggs within a few days of his arrival.

However, the other 3 hens still occasionally give him a peck on the head or chase him a little ways but they are not beating him up. They all roost together and free range together....but these 3 hens are still not laying fertile eggs.

I would assume that eventually he will mate with these 3 ... or will he always stay away from them ? any suggestions ? He is about 1 year old. The hens are 9 months old. Will he gain confidence eventually or will they eventually accept the rooster ?

Just wondering.
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My thought is to just give it time. Some ladies like to be wooed more than others

What breeds are we talking about?
Well I think he is getting his confidence lol now 5 are fertile and only one little hold out. He'll probably win her over eventually.... thanks

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