My rooster was attacked by a please


5 Years
May 23, 2014
Middletown, NY

My rooster, Brewster, was attacked by a hawk today right next to his coop/run. He was actually wedged underneath the coop trying to escape while the hawk attacked his back end.

I found the wound and it's stopped bleeding. I've washed it and disinfected with some essential oils.

Here is my concern: There is something hanging outside his body that clearly should be on the inside of his body. See picture below. It's not coming from the vent, but above it. The place where the sack originates does not seem to be bleeding any longer. Brewster has been up and walking around. (He's now sequestered in a dog crate in my garage.) I don't know if I should tie the sack off and snip it or let it be.

Any help/guidance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



6 Years
Apr 8, 2013
Don't know what it is, so hard to recommend cutting it off, tying it, or leaving it be.

If a vet is not an option, and if he looks like he's alright, I'd tie it off and let it be, disinfecting regularly, probably. Not much else you can do. Attempting to reintroduce it would almost certainly be fatally infectious.

When you see a hawk stripping bits off a carcase, it comes out in stringy gobbets just like that; there's a chance it's a bit of muscle or something else not entirely vital, well, he'd be dead if it were truly vital. There's a chance he'll develop some structural weakness if this involved any important nerve, muscle or tendon areas. There's also a chance his internals have been damaged while the hawk was 'retrieving' this little bit and he may still die of internal infection.

What you do is up to you of course, I can't really offer any better suggestions offhand than what I already did, sorry. Best wishes with him, hope he makes it.
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