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    Is a good one. He's a Light Brahma, about 1 1/2 years old. I got him with 6 others (they were almost starved at the time - VERY thin, no meat on them at all) from a neighbor. I decided to keep one as my flock rooster since I want to have a dual-purpose flock. I picked the biggest one of the bunch. He's not overly-friendly. He'll come near me when I go out by them to see if I have any treats. But when I look or walk in his direction, he just turns and walks away. When I first put him in with the hens, he was not very good about sharing the food. He'd snatch it right away from them. Now that he's no longer starving and has good weight on him, he calls them over when I put scraps out for them. Why am I bragging about my rooster? Because there are so many "My rooster tried to kill me" posts, that I wanted to put the word out for those that are worried about getting a rooster (whether intentionally or not) that not all roosters are aggressive.
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    I AGREE! A lot of them are actually NICE! My rooster... CREAMY is theee nicest rooster ever! He's the one that always wants attention and comes running up to me every time I'm outside. I love my roosters! [​IMG]

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