My Schnauzer has FCE?

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    Jun 7, 2010
    Well apparently that is why he is not able to use the rear end properly. It came on suddenly on Monday and we rushed him over to the Vet who gave him steriod injections and then the next day more and a course of tablets. He has had some improvement in the back legs but he isn;t himself. He used to sit and bring both paws up in the air but can;t now and when he is running all of a sudden one of the legs collapses under him and he falls over. On monday both legs well balled under and he had little movement of them. Does anyone else know about this condition and what best way we can help Gizzy. I did find this link and it does mention the miniture Schnauzer as being prown to this condition? If anyone has any knowledge of this and can help me to help Gizzy recover I would be greatfull thanks

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    so sorry for your Schnauzer! I have never heard of FCE, but will be on the lookout for it, since I also have a mini schnauzer. Hope your's gets better!

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