My search for a male magpie is finally over!!!


10 Years
May 25, 2009
Lake Placid FLorida
I LOVE this duck! he is super friendly, BIG, and he keeps all my baby ducks in line

He looks different then from my female magpie, Could he be mixed? or is he even a magpie?


PS, the water is dirty because I was gone all day and didnt have a chance to change it
He's gorgeous! Good find! I have no idea about magpies--yet--so I can't help on breed. I'm getting magpies in the Spring! Woo-hoo! Anyway, he sounds awesome.

I just have one problem. Your ducks have DIRTY WATER!?!?!
Bad ducky mommy!!
I mean, my duck water is ALWAYS pristine. I'm sure you're the only one on the board with dirty duck water!

(Nevermind--I feel like I always have to explain this to visitors--that I'm not a bad duck mom--I just *changed* their water. And they just got it dirty again.

Good thing we love 'em so much.
Don't you love how they fill their bills up with mud then take a big ol' swig of nasty pool water?

I saw a monster sized duck EXACTLY like that once! The lady said it was a muscovy x pekin cross though...

I hope yours isn't a muscovy cross too.
he looks like a magpie to me... not all magpies have perfect coloring... most hatchery ducks or ducks bred by small breeders aren't exactly show quality...
Two things:

First, he's a big handsome boy! And even the best breeders struggle to get clean markings on Magpies. They're tricky.

Second: You don't ever need to apologize in the duck forum for nasty water in a picture!
We know how it is. Mine looks like pond sludge after ten minutes.
Rainstorm--I just want to clarify that I was totally kidding about being shocked at the dirty water.
My duck water is nearly always dirty. I draw the line at one water change per day, and I don't always even do that, if I'm in a hurry. So needless to say, my duck water is always dirty, except that five minutes in the morning right after I change the water.
LOL thats so annoying!
I just put a LOAD of hay/grass shavings all over their pen today and cleaned their water, what do they do? Make lil holes through the hay beside their pool stick there beak down there and get a nice mouthfull of muck and dump it straight into the pool!
Nearly makes me feel like putting cement all over the place! LOL
well your still on a record compared to me! mine lasts about 2 minutes, sometimes less when my Juvie cayugas realize what im doing and jump right in before the water is even 3 inches high
I spent Sunday totally cleaning the 500 gallon pond. I drained it, sucked the muck out of the bottom, hubby scrubbed the sides...refilled it...etc. It looked great for about 10 minutes.

Somehow Shelley managed to flip one of the flat rocks on the edge of the pond in to the water exposing the dirt. I caught her taking bills full of mud and dumping it in the pond. 3 days later the water is STILL brown!


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