My second hatch this week!!

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    Aug 16, 2008
    I had some BBS/Barred Rock eggs from halo with some of her Wellie mixed is day 21 and they are hatching!!!

    So far I have two BBS/Barred Rocks, one blue, one that I think is black, and two Wellie/Rock crosses, a third Wellie/Rock is zipping, and yet another Wellie/Rock is pipped!!

    I am happy any are hatching as I had TWO power outtages and I lost A LOT of eggs that I had in the 'bators.

    Earlier this week I had 27 mutt eggs go in the hatcher. 17 of those hatched, one expired 2 days after having hatched, so out of 27 mutt eggs I have 16 chicks. I figured, given the power outtages and two temp spikes, that wasn't too bad.

    Pics coming soon!

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