My sent messages are not automatically being saved?

Mine are being saved.
Kooshie, I'm going to just pm you and say hi and see if it is an issue with the fact that I was replying to someone vs a straight message to someone.

Also, on another one, I went to the profile and send a pm from their rather than a respond, so that may have been a factor.

Going to try now. Thanks. Nancy
Nifty and Kooshie, I'm soo embarrassed....I unchecked the save feature I saw it and being short of coffee thought I had checked the box and then thought, no I don't need to do that cause BYC is saving everything for me., not realizing that it was BYC generated in order to save the message. I thought it was going to duplicate 2 saves..... I feel like a Dodo bird, no offense to them.....Excuse me. THanks Kooshie for being a test agent. I feel pretty silly....Y'all I really had a Mensa brain once upon a life time....I won't insult the birds to say I'm now a bird brain....LOL....Well, if I cannot laugh at myself, I don't want anyone else to either and I'm laughing really big time
chickensrock9 glad I could make you smile.....LOL, after I found what was going on I had a great laugh myself...Whoa I just crack myself up somedays.........Have a blessed and fun day!

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