My Sex Link is limping :(!


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Dec 21, 2007
I noticed today that my red sex link, Sandy, was limping and hopping around....I checked her foot, and I cant see any stickers or thorns in it but something is definitely wrong, and she couldn't even get up to the roost tonight
is there anything I can do? Is there anything a Vet could do?

one of my 4 week olds at my grandmas has been limping just like her too, so im wondering what to do for both of them

Thanks...hope you guys can help me out.
I've had that happen to one of my RSLs. It so happened that she sprained her leg/foot, because I checked too and didn't find anything wrong. It was then I realized she must have sprained it. She could not hop up on the roost and other things. I kept watching her and she would sit a lot during their outings and act fine, but not be able to use her leg much. (no scratching) Her buddy used to hang out with her and scratch things up for her so she wasn't so alone.

I put an aspirin in their water so at least she would get some. Kept my eye on her and it took about 3 weeks, but she slowly but surely healed up and was fine after. She does walk along a little slower than the others, but think she always did anyway, but even after a horendous molt, she's fine.

Give it some time and just observe and see if it improves. It does take time, if it's a sprain. Good luck Justino.
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That has happened to ours too! I though maybe we stepped on her foot and didnt notice it. Its happened 3 times so far & it has healed every time within 3 weeks. We are not sure if it was the same chicken or not, but all seems fine now. Wonder how they sprain their foot?
so i should just wait it out? or should i give her aspirin? how do i give her the aspirin without the other guys gettin it too?

Thanks you guys for the help
Glad that its nothing serious;)
Justino, just crush a tablet and sprinkle it in the water and shake it up. It won't hurt the others, as long as you make sure the one that needs it gets to that waterer. This is what I did and it worked for me (I mean the hen). I believe the ratio is: 3 aspirin tablets per 1 gal water. Some people use more, some less. I found this worked for us. Let us know how it goes. Remember to watch her for any other signs. Good luck!
okay so the red star is already looking better

and we took the 5week old EE chick to the vet today and they told us it was born with a Slipped Tendon in its leg which made its leg grow abnormal and there isnt nothing we can really do but let nature take its course and hope for the hopefully it will manage to get around still when its older

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