My Sheep is almost due to give birth! :)


10 Years
Feb 26, 2009
My Romney ewe, Mollia is due March 25 - April 1st. The farmer was gone on vacation for a little over a week, and so he didn't catch exactly when she was bred, so that's why there is such a large amount of days that she could lamb. She is my first sheep I have owned (actually my first farm animal I have ever owned), so this is my first time going through all this. I am excited, because I am going to be able to show her and her lamb at 4-H fair this year! No worries, I show them as breeding stock
. I couldn't bare putting them up for market...

This is my baby girl, and she loves me bunches. At fair, the sheep superintendents wife (who has been doing it well over 20 years) said that she has never seen a sheep so connected and bonded to their owner. I was so happy to hear such a thing. She loves it when I hold up her head and rub her face/chin/ears and baby talk to her (and of course telling her how much I love her and how beautiful she is, hehe)

Had my friend come over a couple weeks ago and we did an ultrasound. It was so cool! Since Mollia has lost wool (has bald spots) from the hormones and such, we just used one of her bald spots, since we didn't want to stress her out by shaving her. We saw one lamb
. So there is a chance she has more. But I am thrilled with her just being pregnant!

I will put some pictures up of her. Her top line has gone to crap, so please excuse it
. It used to be a nice straight topline....I hope it comes back. She is getting sheared on Thursday, so that will really show what this pregnancy has done to her body, hehe. Her are some pictures of her....


Just look at her tummy
big change from before...she definitely looks preggers


Her best friend, Teashca (an alpine goat)


Mollia with the rest of the gang


The gang going to go see what my older sister was doing. They really wanted to help her fill up the tire. But sadly, my sister did not want there help. I believe their feelings were a little hurt, haha.

I will add more pictures once she is sheared, so that you can really see what she looks like.
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