My silkie has a growth


5 Years
May 8, 2014
Hi all it's been awhile since I posted but it's an emergency my silkie has a big growth on the side of her neck it's about the size of a golf ball but as I feel it it feels flat on the side closest to her neck there are I couple of bloody spots on it at different locations maybe where she has scratched it and the skin on it seems flaky any ideas? I think it might be quite fast growing as I haven't spotted it earlier il try and post some pics thanks
How does it feel--soft, smooth, firm, irregular, or like it could be air under the skin? If it is soft like it could be an abscess, I would try to lance it to see if there is any purulent drainage or a core under the skin. If it is more firm or rough, it may be a tumor which can be common. Chickens can suffer an injury and get a leaking air sac which collects under the skin. Can you feel her crop separately from this growth?
Hi eggcessive thanks for the reply it feels firm and irregular smooth in some areas not squishy and yes I can feel her crop separately I'm not sure how old she is as I got her from an auction about two years ago with another one that I believe was her mum but I lost her last Christmas to an unknown illness I'm not keen on taking her to the vets cause they don't really deal with chickens much here and just seem to want to put them to sleep
It could be a tumor. Tumors occur commonly in chickens, but that also happens in diseases such as Mareks and lymphoid leukosis. I would probably make her comfortable, and give her what she will eat such as some egg, tuna, along with her normal chicken feed.
Yeah she still has an appetite so she'll get whatever she wants from now not that she didn't anyway lol poor thing thank you
Quick update well the growth kept growing so I took kandi to the vet and she said she wasn't sure what it was and that it was only just under the skin so she could take it off but then she found another lump on her breast smaller in size so she said it probably not worth putting her through surgery if more are gonna pop up, she said it wouldn't be cruel to just take her home and let nature take it's course so that's what I did she's in the warm now getting lots of love
Thank you for the update. You may want to get a necropsy on her if she dies, just t get a diagnosis of what caused the tumors. Sorry that you couldn't solve her problems, but I'm all for letting them be comfortable at home.
Ok so something seems to be happening and it seems good yesterday Kandi was what looked like takin her last breaths she was lying on her side with her head in my hand and breathing really heavy so I thought it was the end but she kept hanging on I was sure she would go during the night but when I got up she was lookin fine then through out the day she kept improving and was trying to get outside to the others so I let her out for a bit then back in for bed today she seems even better and the growth seems smaller her neck is straight now too not bending with the weight of the tumor?? The only thing I have done that's different is she had scratched the growth so it was open and I sprayed some colloidal silver on it through out the day it's all very strange but I'm happy :)

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