My silkie has had a baddddd dayy!!

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    Apr 21, 2011
    Okay so today I went outside and found my little silkie under the porch soaked and freezing cold, (it rained last night), so i brought him in thinking he wouldn't make it, I dried him off, warmed him up the set him out side when he could sit up on his own.....

    He is all fine now but,,,,..

    It's supposed to rain again so I brought him in, only to find that he now has worms, I have never had a chicken with worms so i need to know what to do,,

    Can anyone help??
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    Go to a local feed store or you can buy the online. They come in shots that you give them. Some you have to do more than one shot some you can just give one. They also have powder you can put in there water.[​IMG]
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    I use Wazine - which is a powder that you add to their water. Hope everything gets better for you. Prayers from Alabama.[​IMG]
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    What type of worms does your Silkie have? If he has short worms like pieces of rice, then those are tape worms. A longer round worm with pointy ends is a round worm. You want to get the right medicine for the type of worm that he has. Here is what I would do. I would take a poop sample to a vet or to the humane society and ask for a fecal test. Then once you find out what kind of worm you are dealing with, I would ask for help in choosing the type of wormer and the amount you give your Silkie.
    The Veterinarian at the Humane Society can help you find the right medicine and the right dose. To weigh your Silkie, stand on a scale and get your weight. Then pick up the Silkie and weigh yourself again. The difference is your Silkie's weight.
    It is not a good idea to give wormers and antibiotics that you buy at a tractor supply store. The wormers are poison, and they not only poison the worms, they can poison your chicken and poison your eggs.
    Antibiotics are specific for Gram positive bacteria, Gram negative bacteria or yeast. If you randomly give antibiotics from a feed store, you can kill all the good bacteria that your chicken has in their gut and the bacteria that needs controlling may not even be affected by your random choice.
    Don't play veterinarian. Get advice. God bless you and your precious little Silkie. These are helpless animals and in adopting them, we make a commitment to treat them right!
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