My Silkies smell odd......?


6 Years
Apr 11, 2013
Grand Rapids, OH
Hello friends!

I have a coop with 3 Silkie hens, 1 Silkie roo, and 2 Japanese bantam hens .. all a little over one year old ... I have recently noticed they seem to have a new "scent" to them ever since our Silkie roo has reached sexual maturity and has started breeding with all five of the girls..

Has anyone else had a similar problem? The smell isn't BAD... it's just "different"... it almost smells like a sweet musky scent..I keep the coop extremely clean and all birds are healthy..

could my Silkie Roo just have a natural musk to him or something like that?! The smell doesn't bother me or any of the other chickens.. it's just really strange!

Thank you!
This is EXACTLY what my Japanese bantam (5.5 weeks now) rooster smells like! Did you ever find the answer to this?

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