My silkies


May 19, 2016
I have two white silkies. I have a question, one has only feathers on its feet and no poof on its head and the other is the opposite. No feathers on its feet and a poof on its head. Could one be a roo and one a hen. They are both about 2 months old. Here are some pics:
Cotton is the one with the poof and nugget is the one with the feet feathers.


A breeder. They both act the same. When I had my frizzle one was a roo and the other a hen the roo became very protective of the hen and the ducks we had. These guys act the same neither one is really acting protective or tougher then the other.
think they are hatchery birds - so you can't expect them to have the major silkie components. Odd that the heavily feathered one has bare feet.

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