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Apr 16, 2015
Ok, so I bought me some Silkies. I bought a grown White Silkie, and 3 baby Silkies. One is buff, one is grey (dark, he almost looks like grey smoke), and a black silkie. The big hen is in with my bantams at the moment (2 roosters, and 2 hens). She is very sassy (that is her name actually) and picks on the smaller bantam hen. I guess I should of done my homework before getting them, but are Silkies normally pretty temperamental? And do I need to house them separate from the other chickens? She is pretty big compared to the bantams. She don't bother the roosters but she really likes to pick on this white bantam hen a lot (as a matter of fact the grey bantam hen does too), they are not hurting the hen really just being mean. But when the babies (who I believe are all hens except maybe one) grow up do I need to keep all my Silkies separated from my others? Well let me know I really love her and the babies so I definitely don't want to get rid of them, but I just want to make sure that my chickens are housed properly and are happy. :D


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