My sisters stupid dog!!


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Dec 19, 2008
So my sister has a west highland terrier. She loves to chase my chickens from one side of the coop to the other and she runs around the coop while they are inside. She is crazy when it comes to my chickens. I try to keep her calm and teach her chickens arent her food they are mine.
Well i went to go check on them when one decided to run the wrong way and run out the door and my sis dog grabbed it and i screamed so loud NO! NO! NO! and yanked her up and she dropped the bird. I realized its the only one i named (i named her bruisetta bc it looks like she has a black eye and its a girl so i cant name her bruiser.) Thankfully my bird wasnt hurt just scared and my sis dog got a good whippin.
have you showed her how to act around chickens? It looks like you've shown her how she shouldn't act around them (chase them, etc).. but she needs to know how TO act around them as well

I involved my dogs with my chickens since day one. they never seen a chicken before I brought 2 home last year.

It starts when they are day old chicks. they watch me handle the chicks (I call them the babies, so they respect them), the brooder, etc, and when they act out of line, they get a squirt with the no-bottle as Engiekisses suggests. (like when they get worked up watching the little chick run around the brooder). NO <squirt>, thats the BABY. you have to lay down and RESPECT THE BABY. I SAID LAY DOWN! etc....

I did this every day i was out with them. and eventually they were able to just SNIFF one , see one out in the yard where the dogs couldnt approach the chick, each time THATS THE BABY!...

it took a bit of work, but my 2 german shepherds and pit bull mix protect and love the chickens
and the chickens love the dogs!

Good luck!
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I completely agree. And I love your signature. That is how I see it. If it is in my yard, I will do whatever I want to it, including target practice. If you want your pets to stay healthy, KEEP THEM IN YOUR YARD.
I taught my lab how to act around them by talking to her calmly and walking her into the room a little at a time. whenever she looked to hyper i made her sit till she calmed down. now i know if she got the chance she would still eat one but she is much more calm around them and i dont have to worry so bad. but my sisters dog is just to hyper to begin with but i will go out and buy a squirt bottle i like that idea.

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