My son saved our Peanut

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    Jun 10, 2008
    My 10 yr old was putting the girls away when he noticed our Old English Game banty huddled alone looking "wierd". She's usually the one that my 4 yr old carries around like a doll, so definately not normal behavior. He brought her in and she seemed to be egg bound- was straining and straining but no egg coming out, you could feel it there though. We got her over the winter, this is her first egg for us. We used a little mineral oil and gentlly helped her to work out a BIG ol egg (for a banty). Chickens really can look relieved. I'm an obstetrician, so I felt like I was at work doing a delivery of a 10 lb baby.

    My son is now telling everyone that he saved our gal- we're very proud of him![​IMG][​IMG]:ya
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    Apr 22, 2009
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    Great story [​IMG]

    This sounds like your chicks are really taken great care of by the whole family! They all are blessed to have a great family!
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    Good job! [​IMG] I know you are proud of him, you should be. Not a lot of kids recognize when something is wrong with chickens that soon unless they are around them a lot. I bet he'll have a special place in his heart for that hen always.
    Glad she is okay. [​IMG]

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