My Sumatras

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  1. One of my hens:


  2. hen-thusiast

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    Apr 8, 2009
    Wow! They're both beautiful, but geez, that rooster is gorgeous! [​IMG]
  3. Thank you! The roo's tail is a little ratty right now because he's been in a dirt pen while the coop is being remodeled...

    I'll have some eggs available in a few weeks. [​IMG] I have a trio right now (one roo & two hens) but one of my hens is BROODY! LOL
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  4. The Poultry Peanut

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    Wow they are pretty!! Do you have problems with them flying? I hear they are great flyers.
  5. Thank you! No, I don't really have problems. My runs are covered and I have lots of roosts at different heights. I could also clip a wing if I needed them to be grounded...
  6. I've been told that they are an intelligent breed. Is this true? My one pullet is very wild but I do notice that she seems to be brighter than my other chicks. [​IMG]

    Your birds are beautiful!
  7. gway2008

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    Jun 10, 2009
    Just Gorgeous! [​IMG]
  8. Quote:Yes, they are...the sumatra chicks are the first ones in the brooder to figure out the water/food on their own. They also just have an intelligent way about them.
  9. Quote:Thank you!!!
  10. max13077

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    Very nice birds!

    My friend gave me some feathers from one of his sumatras to tie fishing flies with. OMG!!! [​IMG] They are amazing! The colors are brilliant, the stems are microscopic yet like steel, and they tie like a dream. [​IMG]

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