My Sunday miracle!!!


11 Years
Jun 18, 2008
Asheboro NC
Yesterday my DD and I gave one of our white frizzles and our white silky a bath.They are were hatched on June 10 and the white frizzle LOVES the wild berries so she looked PINK.They get bathed about 1x every 2 weeks as DD can't stand them dirty.So we washed,dried and put them in a tote for a nap.

We then put them out about 6 and had dinner.It was now POURING here in central NC. I ask DS about 7 did he lock up the chickens as it is now dark and pouring.NO he says and goes to do it.

He RUNS back in to get me and tells me our dog escaped her pen and was IN the coop.I RUN out with dread in the pouring rain.I get dog out and try to assess damage.I find a white frizzle on the floor of the coop on her side .Eyes open but I think she is dead because she is on her side and show NO movement.It is dark and I am using a lighter as my light source.I count heads and sadly realize it was the little frizzle we gave a bath to is our ONLY loss.

I go in and tell dh.I will hold ANY animal as it is dying but I can not TOUCH a dead one.DH ALWAYS handles dead bodies ALWAYS.He says he will do it in the morning.

So this morning I tell DS to open the coop and feed the chickens. He comes in all excited and says "MOM that frizzle is ALIVE!" My heart sinks because I am thinking her back was broken and now she is alive but suffering and so I ask " is she okay?Is she walking?"

"Oh yes he says she is walking AND running.I go out and sure enough she IS okay running and eating with NO blood and I check carefully no puncture wounds.I don't know what happened maybe she was in shock,maybe we got the dog out before she did any damage.

Anyway I told DD the frizzle has a new name "miracle" I was SOOOO happy and relieved.I was sick at heart last night going to sleep.Such a nice start to the day.
So glad she bounced back!

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