My sweet girl


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Jul 4, 2022
So my chicks are 6 1/2 weeks I one girl who loves to be held but recently she has been by herself I did notice she was limping so I figured she hurt herself jumping or something but things have improved but she still isolates herself she seems to be eating but lays to do it and lays all the time she does try to state other the group even if she’s just laying there and now I have treat today since it’s hot and she wasn’t too interest and noticed she started sliding her beak back and forth on ground first time I’ve seen this one other chick did it on rock but she keeps doing it
Any advice on what might be going on or is she just a chill hen
Mine will shake their head and "beek wipe" on the ground if I offer a treat they don't like. If they do it on a rock they are filing down their beek.
Most likely your sweet hen is not feeling well aand she is showing her disinterest in food right now.
The beak thing we did today, but eating she’s doing just not standing when she does eat lays next to feeder to eat.

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