My sweet little foot....


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10 Years
Jan 11, 2010
the ducky room
So I h e a handiquacked mallard named Little Foot who I think I'd also partly blind. She has her sister named Fruitloops and her peon friends Petunia and Aflac with her. Someone has been laying eggs in a corner so I decided to let them keep them so they have something to do. Well on Christmas I got a call from my dad saying that Little Foot was laying on the nest! I thought how cute!!! I hope she can hatch out some babies... Who's ever they are lol. Well today I got in there to clean pools... And I see Little Foots nest. She had like 3 feathers in her like 10 egg nest and I noticed on was broken lol. I realized sadly they none will hatch probably but it's cute that she is trying. Bless her little heart!! It's keeping her busy so I will let her be. Lol. Yes I removed the broken egg.
to Littlefoot. One of the pekins is a drake isnt it??
Well they could be fertile then- give her some more time - sometimes they only sit for half a day for the first few days before sitting full time. Maybe you should think about setting up the incubator anyway- just in case she sits but then leaves the nest. I had one of my girls do that recently- she was good for two weeks- then I found her eggs cold one morning.
I'm going to let her do her thing. It keeps her bust and entertained since her sister ditched her. My poor baby. If I could have the incubator set up at home I would heat that sucker up but hubby said no and I can't be at my parents all the time. So Bo incubator yet. I should have ever even got it

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