my third hen finally laid!

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    Early last summer we decided to get some backyard hens after reading articles and looking at BYC. We got the coop and run and then needed the hens. Luckily, a chickenstock in Reading, PA was held in July and I went down and got three hens, all hatched around May 20th: 1) a barred rock (Ester), 2) a blue orphington (Amy), and 3) a bantam lavendar ameracuna (Emily). The blue orphington and the lavendar ameracuna were named after the Indigo Girls (folk rock duo). Ester was the first to lay an egg on Nov. 26th. Then she laid an egg every day since, only taking 1 day off on Jan 8th. Amy laid next on Dec. 27th. She has taken three days off since she started. And finally yesterday our little bantam Emily laid her first egg-- a very cute pale blue egg! Here's a picture of their eggs. From left to right-- Emily, Amy, and Ester's egg.

  2. Good stuff, you must be pleased! [​IMG]
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