My tiny foster flock

Jun 28, 2022
I have to share my foster flock story. I incubated, watched them hatch, and have come to love them. They got a taste of grass and sunshine for the first time yesterday, love dried mealworms, and are terrified of earthworms. They’ll be going to my friend’s farm in about 4 weeks, so I’ll be able to visit whenever I want!

From what I’m told, they could be any mix of the following: roosters are Amerucana, Silver Laced, hens are Asian black (though I would not be surprised if they are BSL after reading all of the comments on the store where they were purchased), Gold comet, and Plymouth Barred Rock.
They hatched between June 11 and 13.


Dot was the first to hatch and still loves climbing on my hand for elevator rides. Named for the white dots on the head, chest, and wings at hatching. I believe it might be a Barred Rock roo.


Clover hatched second and is my gentle giant. Clover is nearly twice the size of Fin. Will go after the others with no provocation one minute then settle down into my hand and take a nap the next. Best current guess is SLW roo.


Gerri/Jerry if #3 and is so unbelievably shy. It takes lots of patience to wait for a visit. I’m nowhere near any guesses on breed, as this chick is totally unlike any in the flock. Possibly another roo.


Sprite hatched 4th, super friendly, loves to fly up and hang out on my arm. I’m leaving towards Asian Black pullett.


Squeak hatched soon after Sprite, and is a bit more standoffish. Will definitely fly up and snuggle when Sprite is roosting on my arm, and I’m thinking Asian Black roo.

Last but certainly not least….


Fin!! Started as a tough hatch that I had to help and almost didn’t make it through the first night. It l climbed into my hand that night and immediately calmed down to the point of sleep. Since then, Fin has been my buddy and loves to nap and snuggle in my hand, on my shoulder, and now on my head! I hope it’s a pullett mix between the Gold Comet hen and SLW rooster.

If you made it through, thanks!


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Welcome to BYC!
#2 I'm not so sure about it being a silver laced Wyandotte. We have several baby SLW currently, I'll send photos if you want to compare
Also, they have rose combs.
Thanks, that would be great! At this point, the breeds are guesses. I don’t know what all his original flock had so there are little possibilities that I don’t know about 😊
Very high likelihood, as there’s no way to know the full lineage of his hens and roosters…. Partially because most of the original birds were acquired from the store that will not be named. The information in the first post is what he told me.

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