My Tom laid down and need a new Tom


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Mar 9, 2008
:eek:Below is an email plea I sent to a recent contact whom I recently purchased some hatching eggs from. I described my plight and here is her response. I am now posting it here with a hopeful heart.

I don't raise Turkeys myself but there is an excellent group of folks on the Internet at that may be able to help you out. I am a member there and have been surprised and pleased many times to see the way people there respond when there is a need.
I started to post your story there myself but did not want to breech any confidences you may have shared when telling me your story and of your need. If I had a Tom I sure would send him to you and I am sure there is someone who does have one they don't want butchered and would love to see him go as a breeder and for a good cause.
There are many of us out there that have what others need or want, we just need to network.
How are the eggs/chicks? Hope you had a great hatch.
Be Blessed,

Thank You for the care and service you provide your customers. You answered a previous email about my concerns with shipping eggs to hatch and my order was received quite quickly and in excellent condition (only one egg broken) but one extra provided so it was covered. Thank You!!! I have a matter I hope you might can help with. I am severly disabled, and started raising chickens as a fluke. My daughter married a man who was raising chickens, etc. and her husband sent me his excess as I live on a large bit of land. It turned out raising chickens was a benefit to me physically. I was able to stay active enough to not feel useless and not so active I risked hurting myself. I have always been an animal lover, but never suspected it would lead me here. I have had to combat natural preditors as well as drop off stray dogs as we are in the country, as well as human preditors. I have grown to love my livestock. They roam free during the day but I train them to go into their housing at night. Because of this it is a struggle, but a struggle of love. I am also a member of the United Cherokee Ani-Yun-Wiya Nation, as a member I know of the struggle of many of my tribal family, for food. Since the eggs I produce are more than my family can eat, my eggs mostly go to my tribal family, or others who have a need. I have been trying for some time now to get Turkeys going as well. I was successful once before with a small flock but because of human predators stealing my male the females wandered and this ended in failure. It has been a dream of mine for some time to have a small flock of Turkeys, possibly larger. How wonderful it would be to see Turkeys wandering this land!!! How wonderful it would be to provide even more to my family as well as my tribe. Unfortunately, once again I have been hurt by humans and illness. I was once again given a small flock, one male and three females. A human predator stole one of my females and injured one other (she still thrives although she hops everywhere). Since then my husband has put a fence up to stop human predators. I was hopeful I would have a chance once again to establish a new flock. Unfortunately our weather has been weird and last week my male laid down. Without a male my hens will wander unless I confine them. I am in dire need of a full grown male. I hope you can help me with this! I will soon have to restrict my females otherwise. I intend to purchase more turkeys, but fear purchasing turkey chicks would not resolve my immediate problem.
I apologize for troubling you with this, but other hatcheries I have contacted are cold and care only about the sale. You seemed sincere and I truly hope you might be able to guide me in this matter. Not to be stroking your feathers for favoritism, but your prices are eggscellent!!!

Thank You,
Judy Dixon
Chairman of Agribusiness/Secretary
United Cherokee Ani-Yun-Wiya Nation
And Pleased Customer!


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If you need a new Tom, maybe you can post something up in the Buy SellTrade/Give away part of the forum? Hopefully someone can help out. Else, have you tried your local craigslist since you need one soon? Hope you have fun!


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That's really sad that someone needs to steal a bird when she's good enough to give them eggs and meat when she has it...grrr.
I agree, try the buy sell trade and give away.
Freecycle or Craigslist or even if there's a wildlife sanctuary near by...
Up here we have Nevin's Farm and they always have a ton of roosters, so a place like that may want to give away a tom or two.

good luck with your friend, Melissa/dixonzoo.


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Mar 9, 2008
What is a Craigslist? I am clueless. I asked where I buy my feed about anyone raising turkeys locally but this is a small rural community and have had not had much luck. I haven't given up yet.


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Apr 25, 2007
There is a couple in S. KY that has Nargoset? turkeys. I think they have extra's. If interested, let me know and I'll forward on their email.

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