My Turkeys Love Water!


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8 Years
Jun 5, 2011
I never knew that turkeys liked water so much. We bought them a small kiddy pool and they just love it! They jump in it and walk around and just wade in it. I always know i can find them in there when its really hot. They also love the hose. When hubby is watering the garden they will try and walk in front of the hose so they get sprayed
So cute! I love these guys more and more.
I do get several of the $10.00 dollar size from Walmart every summer. They turkeys and peafowl spend a lot of time in the pool when it is hot. I am in Texas so it gets very hot!
I didn't know that. I think I'll get my flock (several chickens and two tom turkeys) a little wading pool for next summer.

Thanks for sharing!
Mine do the same thing. They love standing up in the kiddie pool. They also run over to the water hose and try to drink the water as it is coming out of the hose. Silly turkeys.

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