My un-named story... (: Please read! Comments are welcome!


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Aug 26, 2012
Taylor sat at the edge of her bed. Her feet dangled above the hard wooden floor. She gazed out the window, watching the smoke come from grey factory buildings and the crazy drivers in their cars on the ghetto streets, finding their way through the traffic, rushing to work. All she could hear was the honking of cars at this time of morning. She was used to the sounds, for she lived in the different neighborhood for over two years now. It was about six in the morning, when the traffic went on, but soon slowed down by nine in the morning. Taylor put her cold feet on the floor, tip toeing carefully through the abandoned house. She walked down the stairs, being sure not to make a single sound. She slid through the cracked opened window, stepping on wet weeds and dead grass. Mud squished between her tiny toes until she made it to the sidewalk. She pulled a pair of large slippers out from under a bush beside the sidewalk, putting them on her feet. Taylor's feet felt relieved and warm as she trudged along the sidewalk. Soon Taylor arrived at a small corner store, pushing the door opened with her little pink hands. She greeted the store manager, then walked to the back of the store, looking at different bags of nuts, chips, and candy. The store clerk watched Taylor out of the corner of his eye, as he sorted the cigarettes and beer near the counter.

"Looking for anything in particular, kid?" The clerk finally asked Taylor.
"No." Taylor responded quitetly in her squeaky voice. "Just something I can buy with thirty cents."
"Don't worry about paying, kid. Pick out something cheap, then scram." He walked over to Taylor, watching her pick out something.
"Thank you." She shaked as she speaked, frightened but thankful. She grabbed a bag of pretzels from the shelf, then started to make her way to the front of the store. She put her thirty cents on the counter, then started to walk out the door. The clerk nodded and smiled. He walked back up to the counter, putting the change that the girl gave him in his pocket.

Taylor ran down the crooked sidewalk until she saw a patch of bushes. She sat under them, ripping open the bag with her skinny hands. She ate the snack quickly, then crawled out of the bushes. She walked up to a small house away from the busy streets and knocked at the front door. An old man opened the door. He looked around, but didn't see anyone. He looked down, seeing Taylor standing there in a torn up night gown and old slippers.
I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am writing a story to... but i dont now which parts i am going to post.... if any!

Is Taylor an orphan? abandoned? what?

Keep writing Brocken Brownie!


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