My under week old chick doesnt move much just lays there


10 Years
May 24, 2011
We got our 6 chicks last Thursday and one of the chicks is noticeably more immature. She does not have feathers on her wings while the others do. She might be younger. But the problem is she will walk a few steps the lay down. We have not seen any unusual dropping. Every once in awhile we get a brownish diarrhea but not sure which chick it is coming from or if it is a cecal dropping. Last night we watched her drink water but not eat. This morning she was laying down then stuck her leg out and was panting. Then jumped up and ran to the feeder and started to eat a bit. But then just laid down again. She will stay on the ground even when the other chicks are bumping into her. The other chicks all act and look very healthy. She seems to be breathing heavy when she lays down. i also thought I heard her sneeze once. And she seems to shake a bit when she is laying down. The brooder is around 90 degrees give or take a few. And so far they have been only on paper towels. I am feeding them organic chick starter. We just don't want to lose her does anyone know what we can do? Thanks
You mentioned organic Chick Starter? Is it medicated? I would change over to the medicated kind.

ASAP... just a drop a day usually but you might need it two times daily. I'd also go with a high protien medicated name brand feed like Purina.
Do you give her a drop with a syringe right into her mouth? Or do I put it in her water? Should I isolate her?
I would mix a little in, and change them over to the medicated kind.

If the little chick is eating and drinking, that is a great sign. We got a small one this time also. For whatever reason,
some are just smaller than the others. They also need a little more care. One thing you may want to check
on the little chick is for blockage. They seem to get "poopy rear" more often. If a little is back there,
don't worry. However, if it is completly blocked that can't get rid of waste.
They are cute. Our little one is named "Tiny". She loves to be held and is turning into the kid's favorite.

Funny thing is this time we also got a chick that is twice the size of the others. So we have one that is half the size, and one that is
twice the size.
Well I went home for lunch and gave her a drop of that infant vitamins. She was up eating and drinking. Lets Hope!

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