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So I thought this might be helpful to some people wondering how to use the DLM, and it also shows how versatile it is.

First off my flock:
I have 6 LF hens and a LF roo. I have 2 silkie pullets. The coop is 5' x 25' with a small area that isnt floor space so is closer to 120 sq feet. The floor is dirt. The coop has 3 solid walls and 1 wall made out of a chain link style fencing. I live in western washington so we get a lot of rain but not much hot weather.

The bedding:
I started with white shavings, 2 bags gave me just shy of 2" of bedding. Then I added pelleted Barn Dry bedding that I usually use for the horses. This bedding puffs up when it is humid so I dont bother to puff it up myself. This gave me around 3" of bedding before it puffed up.
I put straw in my nesting boxes and then when I clean the nesting boxes I put the straw that isnt too dirty on the floor of the coop.
I do not use food grade DE.

I rarely stir, that is the chicken's job. I toss scratch sparingly around the coop and the hens do the rest. I stir under the roosts because that area gets nasty fast.

My experiance so far:
For a large coop like my own the DLM can be expensive. With weekly cleanings I could use all straw but with the DLM it tends to mold faster. So I have to use more expensive white shavings.
I dont notice any chicken smell around the coop but on the warmer days it is swarmed with flys but the barn has more flys on those days.
It is easier with less waste.

I hope that helps some people

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