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  1. Did a small amount of planting today. Getting the front finished up while I facilitate cookie and Oreo.
    They are doing well btw, loving the pond and space. There is definitely a give and take with space in the pond. I feel bad that they dont fly. I think the mallards will be rubbing it in their faces alot.
    Picked up some hardware clothe for the condo and got most of the pieces cut for it. Try and get it put together tomorrow. Burgler laid her first egg in months today now all that's left is dolly. Really looking forward to seeing Rosco and burglers chicks. All of em for that matter but those two should make some interesting birds.
    Edited to add these old school gopher traps my friend just brought over. From the 60s I think. Just wanted to share.
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    beautiful looking ducks....congrats on the new birds...

    ive been super busy moving wood that got dropped off and clearing snow from the tops of the prolly never even had snow...its a wonderful experience...snowing right now
  3. This is actually the first season it hasn't snowed once. Used to get feet here, needless to say not a good sign for the summer.

    Started on the condo before work. Here's the beginning.
    Not cutting any holes out til I decide which way it will face.
  4. Think I just got a trio of kelso to pick up Monday morning. 2 hens and a roo. This is a big step for me as a backyard chicken owner. They will keep their own pen. And will be my first breeding chickens. I'm sure I'll have a whole new plethora of questions.
  5. Gonna keep it quick. The new ducks are doing well. Im picking up the kelso in the morning, they are Jumpers. Almost finished with the condo and will be sending a confirmation message to the school teacher for the austrolorps once it is. So two enclosures to build. One in the next 36 hours.
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    They are looking great! If you ever need help with something or taking care of anything let me know! I appreciate you taking them and treating them so well

  7. Thanks appreciate that. I'm still not sure how I'm going to execute the pond expansion but maybe when that comes around. Its been interesting in the rain today. They played in a lot of puddles and followed the mallards around. I think they weren't sure what to

    Here's two of the 3 kelsos I'm picking up in the morning.
    [​IMG] have to build a coop for them tomorrow. Lol.
    Should go quick with how everything is going. Speaking of broody condo almost done.
    Lid and door and some detail stuff. And I'll need to level the ground a little. Email has been sent for the lorps so we'll see what happens.
  8. Alright. Picked up the kelsos this morning. Guy had a cool place. Couple types of turkies, Muscovy and wood ducks, pheasants, quall, a few peafowl, some jersey giants and a couple BO roos, a lot of game fowl(mostly various kelsos) and these adorable bantum game
    Full grown and smaller than my moms tea cup chihuahua. A koi pond and larger unfilled water area along with goats and rabbits, the place was a plethora of backyard live stock. However it was painfully obvious that the game birds were not for show but for fighting, so now I feel they have been rescued. The females had to be, separated on the way back, tight space wasn't working for them. Seem to be settling in tho. Egg in quarantine pen. Lol
    Only picture from tonight(she's the bully). Phone was dead most of the day and was really just trying to get it all done. Grounds leveled, floor framed and sides cut and built. Mount them tomorrow along with the roof, wire and box to add on the outside.

    Got the confirmation on the Australorps today. Will be picking up 13 next week. A few will go to coworkers and I'll keep the rest. Not sure how the split will go yet but I'll have at least half. Looking forward to showing some grade school kids how chickens grow. A new pen will also be started for them with the high hopes that the rooster ratio is low but we all know how that goes. Either way a production pen is not far out.

    The new ducks are doing well. Oreo and cookie are now mostly referred to as the sweds. Seem to be assimilating well, Sharing more space in the pond and loving the treats.

    A lot to do in the coming weeks. Gotta smile its all for the long term. Onward and upward.
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    Thirteen Australorp babies?? Yay!!! 1 for you, 2 for me, 1 for her, 2 for me...

    I am a little confused. Are the Kelsos chickens or game birds? I have only heard of them on this thread.
  10. Kelso are game. Some of the best imo. But there are quite a few bloodlines. These i believe are jumper, as in johnny jumper. Long history there. Still just from some ones back yard tho so who really knows i'll post a pick of the roo in the morning. He looks amazing. A little skidish tho, Gonna take a lot of treats to get this trio to mellow.happy for my first egg not 12 hours in. Kinda makes me want to make that coolerbator just in case.
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