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    Happy to inspire and glad you enjoy. There's always something going on and I'm no expert, just sharing my experience.:) how big is your flock and what kind of set up do you like using. I love to see how other people manage their family.
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    May 10, 2014
    @chickmommy1985 , WELCOME!!!!!

    Aren't chickens fun?

    @attimus What did you use to line the worm box? Your projects keep looking more and more professional. I wish I had those building skills!
  3. attimus

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    Its a repurposed feed bag with some holes poked in it and stapled tight around the edges. Probably put something better together later with drawers and a drip pan maybe but this was practical. The work definitely keeps flowing and the more I do the more I see I can do differently or improve on. I look back at my original coop now and shake my head at myself. A lot to fix there. Some new feeders waterers and perches coming soon to both coops.

    Got a bit done on the garden boxes today, another lined on the bottom and I got bracing in this time for the sides, thinking I might dig the other one back out and fix it. Rather do it right once then fix it ten times.
    Put my rosemarry in the ground today roughly near where im putting in a couple olive trees im getting from an old coworker, holes dug in preparation. The raspberries are placed as well along with the daffodils(companion planting) but not in the ground yet. Until the morning anyways. Onward and upward,
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    Mar 1, 2015
    I have 15 BO they are about 5 weeks old. We repurposed a dog run that was already on our property as a coop but they will free range once they hey bigger! I'm just starting this adventure and I'm sure it will be a work in progress.
  5. attimus

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    One of our first Dollie.
    She definitely has some personality. I remember thinking when we 1st wanted chickens how 15 seemed crazy. Now I look at all the open and unused space and think what can go there. Lol. Be mindful when free ranging I've had my issues with the local wildlife even tho it took a few years. A lot of steps taken to sleep with some ease and there's always more to do. My new set of chicks are also about 5 weeks now and getting big, there is one that seems a bit smaller than the rest, will be keeping an eye on her.

    I got to find a good surprise this morning. One mallard hen was not where she was supposed to be, took a while but I found this.
    Tucked away behind this downed branch and a tree trunk in some thick grass.
    From what I can tell there are currently 8 eggs in there. Not going to mess with any of it. I'm sure she has it under control. But super excited by the possibility of little baby ducks running across the drive.

    A few more beetles in the bin. Kinda snuck up on me, I have two trays in the beetle box one with pupae and one with pupae I think will be beetles soon( should have counted) there are now atleast 3 or more beetles crawling around and not in intended boxes but in the medium they are to reside in. Seems they crawled out of the edge of the mushroom boxes I keep them in. Possible accidental benefit since the boxes or angled out for no access back in.

    Had to retarp my main coop today courtesy of the wind and saw various flaws that I obviously need to fix. Wire, framing, roofing.... just to name a few.

    Like I said, always something to do. Onward And upward
  6. chickmommy1985

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    Mar 1, 2015
    Can't wait to see pics of baby ducks! And yes always something to do. My fiancé's honey do list is never ending but we wouldn't have it any other way! I'm sure we will have some loss to predators but these chickens are not only for eggs/meat but pest contol also. I can't wait to add to my flock 15 is definitely not enough :)
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    So my practically visually interchangeable mallard hens pulled a fast one on me. I mentioned a nest and assumed only one was currently laying, well when she dissapeared later in the day I looked to the nest for her and Nada. A few hours later she comes hunkering out of some tall grass so I start thinking she set up a decoy nest away from her real one( would make for one crafty duck). Couldn't find it but then this morning she was gone again. Looked to the same nest and noticed a bit of activity but she was not there. Made my way over to the tall grass and spent about 20 minutes searching before I found her in the center of a live oak cluster. Now I know there are two nests and over a dozen eggs between the both.
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    Jul 22, 2014
    My Coop
    hey there bird buddy...just busy moving sand right now to the coops....looks like your getting alot done...if you need any pheasants just let me know they will be breeding in no time...getting npip certified within the month....hopefully...well see how the inspection goes...anyways....keep up the good work...i did want to mention about earthworms...they do carry parasites and if given to the birds they could pass them along...just thought i would put that out make sure to worm often...valbazen is a good choice...
    getting ready to set a bunch of this weekend...over 200 eggs...just got the quail from your neck of the woods...laverne, ca...not sure how close you are to that....but if you need jumbo white a&m, and jumbo browns...i have the guy for you....he is p-t, and ai clean...and has got alot of knowledge...
    until next time
  9. attimus

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    Thanks for the heads up about the worms it was mostly just for project and maybe the occasional fishing trip. Good to know about the parasites.
    I don't think I'm anywhere close to Quall at this point, our next possibility is probably going to be Swedish flowers. Still a ways off, need to get things squared away here before summer, have a feeling it's going to be brutally hot.
    Not sure where Laverne is but most places in california are close enough, only a few hours from most of the state. Makes for an easier trip.
    Setting 200 eggs sounds crazy, so many little peepers running around all at once and soon. Lol. Maybe I'll set that many one day.

    Got a small handful of beetles going at this point and the lady even got in on it and sorted some out with a spoon yesterday.
  10. attimus

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    Also put the equivalent of 40gal of compost onto the pile today( had 8 5gal buckets but its not liquid so..) and I have another 2 buckets I picked up tonight.
    Really needing to do something with all of that. Time to sort whats ready through screens once that's fixed:( have to make room for the new stuff.
    Moved a couple more beetles, really getting excited about bugs is weird, but hey, when you raise chickens I guess weird is the norm.

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