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    I've been Official Chicken Keeper at a Dairy Farm for months. They are a bunch of different breeds, plus my own roo, Junior who is a Polish Crested.

    Anyhow, the owner of the dairy is a very nice man named Joe Rocha & he lets me adore the feathers off of his ornamentals.

    I've managed to identify most of the breeds: Sandy & Sally are identical twins & they are Dutch banties with brown chest feathers, grey & whie head feathers & dark grey wingies. The only way to tell them apart is Sandy loves to cuddle & Sally doesnt.

    WallyWattles & Mrs FluffyPuffy are I think Chinese cochins, white with black tail feathers. Precious is an Old English Banty, & Junior attacked her a month ago, & she has not walked since. She is pampered, spoiled & cherished the way Arlo was.

    Boots & Betsy, I dont know. they look like fat little feather dusters with black feathers. I thought they were Australorpes but they have feathered legs. Boots has PTSD from being nearly scalped months ago & he hasn't crowed since he got hurt, but he is a good boy.

    Thor is a prtty red rooster, not a RIR because his comb grows out fat, not tall.

    King Louie-Charles the 17th & Marie-Charlotte, I have no idea. Louie is red,, but he is very tiny & his crow sounds more like a loud squeak. Marie might be a RIR

    there are 2 new chickies, Cheeper who was born on Sept 30, & Shanti who was born on October 2. My first guess is they are Maisie, a millie fleur, & my goofball boy Junior who likes to sit on my head

    Helen is a millie also, but she never shuts up & her voice is like claws on a chalkboard........................

    Polly hatched the two chickies, plus another one that din't survive She & Alice I dont know what they are. Cookie is a splash Maran & she is currently sitting on a big clutch of eggs

    Snickerdoodle is a Golden Sebright rooster, & Billy is a cochin who keeps tring to chase Mrs FluffyPuffy. Biscuit is a porcelain d'uccle.

    I bring them treats every day, Junior loves sardines & they all love watermelon, grapes, peaches, veggie soup, Mighty Dog food, millet, I brought them worms the other day & they acted like they were terrified!!!! Next time I'll give them crickets.

    Precious, like Arlo, is content to sit in a basket in her stroller & watch the world go by. She is staying in a hospital cage as I know the others would be mean to her.

    I'm thrilled to be around chickensagain

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    I too think chickens are great! I am a Psychologist and work with people from all walks. Days like today make me want to take up chickening Full-Time!

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