My weird colored orps

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Yes, they are full orps. I don't have another breed of roo on the place..well, I do have one male silkie who tries to mate but he just way too short. I do have one female dominique but I know her eggs as they are smaller than my orp eggs.
I have hatched these four here. I threw some in the bator and didn't keep any notes as to when but they look to be about three months old or so. Here they are. My fav are the black and white and the lemon and blue (that is what I call it anyway)




Now I have the buff roo (my avatar) and this blue roo from Speckled Hen who is the leader of the flock of buff, splash, blue and black hens. I also have two hens from Miss Prissy's Red Project and one RED roo from her eggs but he has just started trying to breed. Here is a pic of the blue roo. I don't know what just happened to his tail feathers??

it can be done! we had a silkie who got the job done with my blue rock girls. check their toes and see. I hatched three of their eggs and two of the three came out w/5 toes.

here's a pic
I already checked their toes and other features of silkies and they are non existant. I have watched him and he just cannot do the job.
These are not silkie mixes.
As stated in my o.p., I have buffs, splash, blue, black, and some mixed with a red roo orp. As you can see my blue roo has a lot of gold in his feathers so I suspect it is some throw back from his coloring?
Some weird genes have popped out in some of Suede's sons. I even had one who was barred like a black sexlink who was Suede's son with my RIR/Buff Orp, Meg. If you look at Suede's tail, you can see the subtle barring of med blue/light blue. Since his daddy came from Sandhill, you have to wonder what the heck was going on. The barring I sort of get, with them breeding in blue Rocks to help with inbreeding (which shows on occasion in yellowish legs), but the wild gold colors are something. Suede's hackles get very brassy/goldish when he's molting, but the hackles grow in blue again. Wild!

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