my weird mixed pigeon coop.

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    May 12, 2013
    well in total i have 8 pigeons. i started with a pair of homeers until one died and got roller pigeoons instead. for years now of owning these guys i have..
    2 MALE roller pigeons
    1 FEMALE roller pigeon
    1 MALE roller/homer mix pigeon
    1 MALE feral pigeon
    1 FEMALE homer
    2 UNKNOWN homer/feral mix pigeons (reall neat)
    and as u can see i have a whole mix of pigeons in here but my problem is that since i dont want any mutts nomore can i breed the mutts with mutts and rollers with rollers in the same coop?? another question is that if the homer and feral pigeons breed can i call them as homers or called mutts. my plans right now is pairing up my only female roller with a male roller, breed my 2 feral/homer squabs, breed my feral and homer together. and just save my other MALE roller pigeon and my MALE homer/roller pigeon for another do u think i can do this without making more mutts anymore??
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