my welsh harlequins

I'm a new member and still figuring things out.
I started raising Welsh Harlequins this year. I have 1 drake and 5 females that are now 30 wks old. The females have been laying eggs for sometime. This is where I'm having some confusion. They first started laying four eggs a day, (each hen). Then started getting 5 eggs a day, (figure for 5 females). Now the last 2 days, I'm back down to 4 eggs a day.
Now, the Question ?? Should I separate the drake from the females, until I'm ready to start breeding in the Spring or should I just leave him with the females. (having a free for all)??
I have books on Ducks, but I've found nothing on these questions.
I sure would appreciate all the HELP, anyone can give. TKU.
Welcome to BYC!
Personally I'd leave the drake in with the females unless he is overbreeding them.

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