My white sussex is weak, what can I do?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by muslimiam, Jun 1, 2016.

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    Aug 3, 2015
    My white Sussex(cloud) hatched few chicks after i have kept many eggs three weeks back. It never got up from the egg, as I had to remove it every other day after assessing for a day; just leave her with mix of foods (as she could choose whichever she likes) and water. She drink and eat ; as everyone knows, bombing with the dynamite poop.

    After 23days, i have worried that egg want hatch, I am very pleased to see her with few hatches in the morning, and plus one every 3-5 hours poped up. I have kept about 16 eggs as for 25th day today, another 6 eggs left without hatching. Not sure they going to hatch or not. Cloud is now seems very weak, as she not seem have eaten and drunk about 2-3 days. Today morning i have found one chick dead droped from her wings when i try to move her; as encourage her to have something. She moves a little and set away from the chicks and never bothers, seem very weak. I end up taking her and put in the nest box with the chicks, and fed her little bit food and throw some near her; given some water as well. she drunk water some water when driped in her beaks, yet no sing of movement.

    I don't have any clue and I am completely new to this; very scared to loosing her, as she is the best one in my flock. please advise me, is it normal or what could i do to save her and her chicks?
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    I would remove all unhatched eggs. If you can rig something keeping them between 95 and 100F. You can try that. However, your main concern is keeping the hen and live chicks alive.
    If eggs were added periodically and not all the same day, that results in a staggered hatch.
    Without more eggs she's waiting on, she should get up and teach the chicks to eat and drink.
    Make sure the feed is a complete chick starter between 18 and 22% protein.

    In the future make sure all eggs are set under a hen the same day.
    Don't handle a broody hen. They know what they're doing. They've been successfully hatching eggs for millions of years without our help and without starving to death.
    They will come off the nest to eat, drink defecate and stretch on their own without intervention. It won't be every day. That's just what they do. They know way more about hatching eggs and staying alive than we ever will.

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