My Whole Foods Hatch JOURNEY. : Updated on 7/27/12 !!

Yay! That's great! I wish I had ur luck :/ all I had is a little styrafoam box with a raised wire floor and a sponge at the bottom to keep up the humidity, right under my light bulb.
Try some insulation ! I'll send you a picture of my set up. I mean it's ghetto ... REAL ghetto ! But that's the thing about incubators. It doesn't have to be a pro ! You just have to maintain the temperatures and get good fertile eggs and voila ! Chicken ! The thing I'm worried about is Whole Foods eggs . A lot of people report them not even STARTING ! And I don't Trader Joe's leghorns... they're mean and they fly well. I want a Red Star <3 and one day a Buff Orp and a Silkie Bantam. Female, for broodiness !
Lol yeah I dont want white leghorns either. That's why I got ameraucanas and marans
One of the ways I check for bad eggs is weighing them. Substantial weight loss indicates the egg has gone bad, I presume gas build up due to bacterial growth. Good luck!

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