My wife and I just had that "We need to talk"conversation...

Miami Leghorn

7 Years
May 7, 2014
It kind of stopped me dead in my tracks. When I realized that our communication should have been better, and sometimes you just don't see the signs.The every day come and go , the routine, the chores and paying bills; sometimes things go stale and then when you least expect it,
BOOM it's all clear....
An epiphany...
An internal conflict quickly turns into conscience of clarity... that you see what the road ahead needs to be and how to get there...and that action that has to be taken...
I took the bull by the horns as always, and my wife and I, sat down and had
"the talk"...

I sat her down explained to her; outlined the situation, expressed my disappointment in the things I pointed out and I asked her about her disappointments as I was sure she had her share of them as well. As we spoke I could feel within her as well as inside of me a "come to reality" moment, a calmness if you will... a serene sense of wellness, that we are both at peace with this decision and now we can move forward in our paths and with where ever life takes us.
So there we were, strong in both our decisions, knowing that our plans and future were now in OUR hands...

We agreed that moving forward,
in order to meet our goals and plans and to try to avoid this same mistake again...

that we needed to order more chicks this spring to have enough for her to have enough egg layers and me to cover my breeding projects... So we planned on more breeding pens and went online and ordered chicks for shipment in the spring.

Did you guys think this was going to be a different type of post??
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