My Windstar is Dead....Need a New Car, and Prayers *UPDATE*

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    Ugh...what crappy timing [​IMG]

    Long story short - Several years ago, I bought my used Windstar Mommy-van (minivan) and got a pretty good deal, but was upside down in my last car so had to roll over quite a bit into this financing. We just managed to pay it off with our tax refund (yes I do my taxes EARLY [​IMG]). I was so excited to actually have NO CAR PAYMENT...WOOHOOO. I wanted a new car but had decided to drive this one til it's dead so we could save up a decent down-payment for our next vehicle. Well, I kinda got my's dead. [​IMG] Grrrrrr...we just got the title in the mail and it hasn't even been reported on our credit yet that it's paid off.

    So we found another used vehicle for a pretty good deal at a dealership...a 2005 Ford Escape for about $8600. We don't have great credit, and it doesn't help that it still shows that we owe money on our Windstar. I'm really worried that we won't be able to get financed because of our credit, the current economy, and we only have a small down payment. And I quit my job to stay home with the kids a few years ago, so money is tighter than it used to be.

    Please say a little prayer for my family. Right now the kids are taking the bus to and from school, which they don't like...they're used to Mommy driving them to school...spoiled kids...LOL. And I am stuck at home. There is NOTHING within walking distance. Good thing I have Chicken TV to keep me amused! Oh yeah, and I can't sleep 'cause I'm stressed. [​IMG]
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    Mar 25, 2008
    I think most everyone on here has been in your shoes at one point or another. I know I sure have!

    Hang in there! The sun will start shining through those clouds of darkness soon. [​IMG]
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    Have gotten the van look at to see if it can be fixed. I am in the same boat. My van broke down (the starter went) so we fixed it. Well 2 weeks later I blew the head gasket. Now the van has been in the drive way for 3 weeks. My husband just finished taken it apart. After all of that we have decided to fix it. I would like it to last one more year. I would like to have more money to have for the next car. I have a car account and every month I try to put away what I call a car payment, so when I buy a car a don't have to borrow money. I hate car payments. Good luck. I know what it means to be stuck at home when you just want out.
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    Saying prayers for you and yours.

    Just a thought - we've done this in the past when we've paid something off and it hadnt shown on our credit report yet. Bring in the org. loan documents, what you paid it off with (canceled check, etc) and see if the payment has cleared your bank. In doing all of this - any financier can call the org. loan company to confirm the debt has been satisfied and paid in full.

    That will be taken into account even though its not showing on your credit report - there are more things they take into account than just your report and score.

    Good luck!
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    I would think that all you need to do is show them the title. The bank will not give you the title with out paying off the loan.
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    did you consider fixing it, you didnt say what was wrong with it. Even if you have to put some money in it to keep it running a while longer its still saving on car payments.
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    Jun 26, 2008
    We are in the exact same situation. Our van gave up the ghost and we have to get a new engine. I can't afford a new engine. So we are driving my son's Ford Tempo. Blah, we are a family of six and can't all go to church together. We have to go in batches.

    My husband just retired from 24 years in the military and is having trouble finding a job. SO, I don't see us getting a loan for a new van anytime soon.
  8. TXmom

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    It has 207,000 miles on it, and needs a new engine. We've always taken good care of hubby is what I would call a car expert. He has been a mechanic, he's sold cars, he's been a service advisor, and now he does dent removal/minor body work. This was really a shock to us because we've never had a problem with the oil before...he changes it himself and it's never been too low, or clumpy, or anything. Then on Thursday the Oil light came on for just 2 seconds and then went off again. I told him immediately, but by the next morning it was knocking. He did the oil (it was 3 quarts LOW!!!) and and STP engine treatment. The knocking stopped, but then started again on Saturday and the engine froze up. I guess it developed an oil leak??? That is death to an engine. With over 200k miles, it's not worth it to put a new engine in it.
  9. TXmom

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    Just a quick update: We had a hard time with financing, as I expected. They wanted $3000 down, which we don't have. My mother-in-law offered to help us with the down payment, but I didn't like the idea of her giving/lending us that much money and then we still have a car payment for a couple years, or longer. So, she gave us the money and we bought a cheap used Ford Explorer with car payment! So we will pay her back each month instead of paying a bank. [​IMG] The Explorer is great...we got a really good deal and I love it. [​IMG] His mom is really great to help us out like this and she's not pushing us to pay her back, but I would not feel right about that, so I will start making my "usual" car payments (what I was paying for the van) to her and we'll all be happy.

    Thanks for your prayers and good thoughts. It all worked out just fine. [​IMG]

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