My Wish List... Advice?


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9 Years
May 9, 2010
Egglanta, GA
My Wishlist:
-Bantam White or Buff Silkie Pullet
- Dark Brahma Pullet
-Deleware Pullet
-Blue Ameraucana Pullet
- Blue Laced Red Wyadotte Pullet
- Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Pullet
- RIR Pullet

I can only have 4 by spring, and I am CERTAIN that I want a blue ameraucana. Which other 3 do you think I should get?

UPDATE: Just added silkie to my "must have list" with the blue ameraucana.
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Brahma, blue laced red wyandotte is the way I'd go. I'd probably toss the Silkie and pick the Delaware/another blue laced red wyandotte. But I'm not real big on Silkies

I started my flock with pretty birds like Light Brahma and Americana but as the MONTHS have dragged on and all the pretty bird do is eat feed and NOT lay eggs I've traded my non-laying pretty girls for more productive breeds.

I'd go for RIR and Delaware.
i think ive made up my mind.

this fall- blue ameraucana and RIR. in the spring, a bantam white silkie and a dark brahma. All pullets. and then ill have to wait on the blrw and deleware until next sumer or fall when i get my coop expanded.

thank you all for your help!
Sounds like a good plan! But.... is there a minimum order? You could get more and sell the ones you don't want.

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