My wonder chick


5 Years
Apr 23, 2014
We just got our first chicks on this Easter Monday.
I wonder about this one. This is first generation breeding between lady Nacked Neck Turken (NO beard) and Sir White Splash Silkie. This chick turned out to be White Nacked Neck Turken with beard and pink skin and 5 toes.
No go figure genetics on that one :)
I wonder if he/she will have silky feathers since this is first generation that usually gives normal feathers. But can it have five toes and pink skin and normal feathers?
We are about to see
love it cute!

CUTE. Naked Necks and Silkies are two of my favorite breeds. I hope it does turn out with Silkie feathers, that would be the most darling chicken ever :)
Wonder chick is not going to have silkie feathers. Its going to be white naked neck turken with beard and five toes :)

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