My Wood-Ducks Are Due To Hatch Today And...


9 Years
Nov 27, 2010
Marysville Ohio
They haven;t actually started pipping yet but i taped on the outside of the egg and 2 of the 3 eggs tapped back.
anything i need to know to help them get to the pippin process or is it just a waiting game.
plan on giving them to my broodie cochin bantam hen if they hatch out all the way.
see what happens.
Lots of reasons. Like number one, will she even accept them and not harm them? Domestic chickens and domestic waterfowl also have greater immune systems and can carry bacteria that is otherwise deadly to these especially at a young age. Where do you plan on putting the chicken and ducklings if you did? reason being is that they can slip through the tiniest of holes and get stuck in corners not to mention the fact that they can climb like no other and will be out and gone before you no it. Guy i bought my mandarins from said he finally had to put hardware cloth all the way up his pens because he lets the mandarin hens raise them and he would loose some from them climbing out. also many times other birds even when letting the mothers raise them will pick on them and peck/drown them. Overall putting them in a covered brooder with a controlled environment/temperature with adequate food/water shelter is just a lot better deal and the odds of successfully raising them to adulthood is much higher. plus there is the off chance that they will eventually quit trying to run/jump for their lives when you go to feed/water them and calm down a bit. I can say from the mandarins i hatched that they were skitish but a lot calmer then the adults because of this.

Go ahead and read post #6 different topic but kinda goes over the same thing
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thanks buddy. i will take into consideration what you said.

1 is hatched and the other 2 are tapping on the inside of the egg.


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