My year and a half old Buff's toes starting to curl?

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    My buff orphingron is a year and a half old. Always been healthily, no previous problems. However, the only thing I noticed with her is that she doesnt "scratch" for things as much as the others do, in return I need to clip her nails . The others i've never had to as they are all short from scratching. I then noticed yesterday her toes started to change shape. They aren't necessarily "curling prominently, but are starting to twist. Instead of walking on the bottom of her foot, she is now starting to walk slightly on the side of the toes. Its like her toes turned 45 degrees? What would cause this? I also noticed she doesnt roost anymore with everyone at night? She prefers to lay in a hay box on the ground, and since she "stopped roosting" that's when I noticed the change in her feet. Very strange. Ill try to get pictures later. Other then this, she is super healthy. Acts normal, eats, lays, etc.
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    There can be many different bone deformities in both meat and egg laying chickens. One common one is varus deviation of the tibia, which can cause walking on the outside of the feet. Tibial dyschondroplasia is another common one causing the leg bones to twist. Rickets is also common. Most of these deformities are caused either by vitamin or mineral deficiencies in the chicken or their parent stock. I would give a vitamin in the water which includes trace minerals. Below are some of the vitamin/mineral mixes available. Here are a couple of links to read, and the second one which has good pictures may take 10 minutes or more to download: disorders in poultry.pdf

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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